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Morgan Hoops & Stands Inc.

Our products are designed to be used by Quilters, Rug Hookers, Cross Stitchers, Needle Pointers, artists and other craft enthusiasts.

We offer the following products:

Floor Model Craft

Floor Model Craft or Quilting Stand
Perfect for quilting, rug hooking, crossstitching, or needlepoint, the design on this stand allows the user to clamp various sizes of hoops, frames, and other objects onto the stand which allow the user to have both hands free to work on the desired project.

“Absolutely the most versatile craft stand on the market.”

No-slip Hoops

No-Slip Hoops
Frustrated with your current quilt hoop?  Our no-slip hoops have a unique patented feature, a tongue and groove configuration, that holds the fabric securely between the inner and outer rings.  This feature keeps the fabric in place while working on the project.  Sizes available:  5”, 7”, 9”, 10”, 12”, 14”, and 17”.

Lap Stands

Lap Stands
Enhance your enjoyment of needle point, hand quilting, and other “close” work, our lap stands are a combination of our No-slip hoops; available in combinations of 5”/7”, 7”/9”, 5”/7”/9”, 7”/10”, 10”/12”, 10”/14”, 12”/14”, 7”/10”/14”, and 10”/12”/14”.

Morgan Hoops & Stands, Inc.
Clay M. Uhlenhake - Owner
365 Myrrh Street
  -  Grand Junction, CO 81501  -  USA
Phone: (612) 387-2183