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Craft Stands

Perfect for quilting, rug hooking, crossstitching, or needlepoint, this durable, unique, hands-free floor model is patented and has features offered by no other stand on the market.

There are many key features of this unique craft stand.

In general, this stand is made of durable powder-coated steel with ABS plastic clamps.

Starting from the base and working our way to the top, the features are:

  • 3 legs which are basically flat on the floor allowing the base of the stand to be slid under most any chair, couch, or piece of furniture.
  • Each stand has up to 14” of variable height adjustment.
Rotates 360 degrees and tilts 45 degrees.

The No-Slip Craft Stand allows you to quilt in any direction and at any tilt or height adjustment. They are very convenient for quilters with limited floor space.

  • The key feature of the stand, as shown in the images above, is the adjustable tensioning head which allows the working surface of the stand to be rotated 360 degrees in any direction and tilted 45 degrees at any point on the 360 degree radius.  There is also a slot in the tensioning head which allows the head to be tilted in a 90 degree downward position which allows the user to view the back of the work surface.
  • The spring-loaded tensioner allows for moving the work to a desirable position, letting it go and the work surface will stay in that position, allowing the user to place their hands on the work at the desirable angle or position.
  • The desired tension is adjustable by the user.
  • The top plate is 24” wide with two 5” slots on each end.  Each slot is a track which holds a clamp.  The 2 clamps are movable on the slots and can accommodate any size hoop and frame or other objects which range from 5” to 30” in length or diameter.
  • Lifetime Warranty for workmanship and breakage

Learn more about our Quilt Holders used with the craft stand shown above.


#213 - Telescoping Floor Model - $192.06
#193 - 23" No-Slip Hoop - $49.99
                         (w/hardware for craft stand)
#183 - 17" No-Slip Hoop - $41.99
                         (w/hardware for craft stand)
#313 - Quilt Holders (6 per pack) - $14.95
#075 - Package (includes all above) - $298.99
An excellent gift for the craft enthusiast!  Perfect for many other crafts!
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